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3D sex games for Android Lesson of Passion games online

Lesson of Passion online games

What do you think about the Lesson of Passion online games? Aren't you a little bored with your everyday life? Most people are. It used to be like this: you wake up in the morning, eat some breakfast and go to school or work. The same boring school or work day by day. When you are back home, there are just some games you have finished a hundred times, but what about the 3D sex games for Android? Moreover a television that has nothing interesting to offer. How to break the sweat? I think that some new realistic sex games are the great answer. Do you want to play super interesting Lessons of Passion games for free? Choose one 3D sex game for Android and PC to start the sexual adventure right now.

Play 3D sex game for Android/PC by Lesson of Passion

Learn more about Lesson of Passion mobile games company, that creates one of the best real life 3D sex games Android. They focus on natural scenes filled with perfectly shaped girls. Leave your daily problems and experience something new. The plot of Android 3D sex games depends on your decisions, like in a real life. When you behave well, you can be rewarded. In Lesson of Passion online games reward is obvious – realistic sex with the most beautiful girls on the net. Think about the next move. Make decisions that lead to the lustful sex and erotic adventure. Be the winner today. The one who finds out how to get laid with the most desirable girls. Do you know any of the Lesson of Passion online 3D sex games for Android/PC listed here?

Seducing the Throne

Move back a few hundred years ago and visit a small town with beautiful princesses and sexy barmaids. The Lesson of Passion works all the time, that's why in the end of November we get another Lesson of Passion online game called Seducing the Throne. The designers are fans of Game of Thrones for sure. Here we have a chance to feel the real atmosphere of a medieval times. Explore the town and fulfil a few quests. Talk with sexy bartenders, drink a beer with a mighty warrior in an old inn. Talk and flirt with naughty waitress. She wears a tight corset emphasizing a nice breast without a reason! The 3D sex game for Android and PC/MAC offers a few endings. Read more about Seducing The Throne online game here!

Outcast Academy

An Outcast Academy is a Lesson of Passion online sex game for Android/PC/MAC full of horny and naked student females. What can be more exciting than a house full of hot chicks ready to action? Your task is to live for a 50 days in a female dorm. It is a great place filled with lust and erotic desires. Outcast Academy was the first life sex simulation made by Lesson of Passion. The 3D sex game Android focus on a real life scene and problems to solve. The college has rules you need to follow. Or at least, not to be caught when break them. It is not allowed to drink alcohol, have sexual activities and fight. Those who remember the student times knows it is not possible. Beware of MILF teachers and bad tutors. Do your best to fuck as many lesbian girlfriends as possible. Check out the locker room, have fun having a public shower. This Lesson of Passion game online offers a lot of girl-on-girl fuck and hot lesbian kisses. Develop your character, get better RPG scores and make you more attractive for female classmates. Read more about student sex game!

Dignity One

Do you like sci-fi movies? If you can't wait for another part of Star Wars, we recommend you to play that space Android sex game of Lesson of Passion. Dignity One is an adventure simulation with RPG elements. The story depends on your decisions taken during the mission. Play Lesson of Passion game as a commander of a great space ship and travel across the universe. Upgrade your ship with modern technology and fight with the enemies. In a spare time visit cosmic clubs full of mystic girls and female warriors. Use your skill to seduce sexy babes and fuck as many sluts as possible. Don't forget about your primary mission. Find fuel resources and food for your crew. This is important to continue the flight.

Story of Didi

Those Lesson of Passion games are interactive, and a lot depends on your decisions. That's why you should play them at least a few times. There are different endings to watch, different locations to visit and of course – different pussies to fuck. It's almost the same with Story of Didi – another 3D sex game Android included in Lessons of Passion series. In Story of Didi you will be condemned to watch the same pussy and butt over and over again… But you know what? I'm sure you will not be disappointed. It's because you're the master of the girl. You need to tell her what to do, to succeed in a porn world. That's what makes Story of Didi one of the most fascinating Android sex games ever.

City of Love

If you are still hungry of fresh pussies and tits, you should check the City of Love. The title of this one is really accurate, because you will discover a city full of young, sexy girls. And as you may expect, your goal is to pick up some of those cuties in the sex game Android. Which one you will choose? A super-hot weather girl that is really popular and it's not easy to get close to her? Or maybe a sexy fitness instructor that knows some really useful moves... There is also the third option – a girl in a toxic relationship. Do you know how to make her feel better? I bet you do! The city of love hides a lot of mysteries. Would you like to learn more about them? Read more about the plot at City of Love porn game page.

Living With Temptation

Do you like to play 3D sex games for Android? I know it's not easy to choose only one out of three exciting options. But to be honest – it's not even the hardest choice you will need to make, if you follow the adventures we offer to you. It will be much harder to decide whether you want to fuck a lot with your hot wife? Or is it better to spend a spare time with a horny and beautiful nanny? That is the dilemma you need to face in Living with Temptation. Somehow I believe that hard choices like this don't make you sad. However, it's good to try different options in that Lesson of Passion online game. Only a few gameplays will let you see all the hot scenes and plot twists.

Asking for more - Eleanor

You can also experience an adventure from the other side. Play as a dirty girl that have married a rich guy, but it wasn't much about love. The main character Eleanor is actually a regular whore covered by an image of a good wife. Now it's up to you how the Lesson of Passion game will develop. You can make Eleanor behave like a good girl who fucks only her lovely husband. Or you can lead the naughty woman to other houses and have fun in sexy parties. Eleanor will gladly take part in some orgies. Remember that all the Android sex games in Lessons of Passions are RPGs. It means you can experience different scenes if you gain some particular skills.

Johnny Bullet

Johnny Bullet is another Lesson of Passion game and it shows a true meaning of “adventure”. In Johnny Bullet you will visit beautiful Miami beaches full of hot and almost naked chicks. Your goals are far from picking up those sexy ladies. Why? Because there are even hotter women waiting for you. Play as a gangster and think how to become one of the most dangerous people in the city. Do your best to be as well as one of the richest ones. As you probably know, the hottest chicks love rich and dangerous guys. They will gladly offer their pussies just on demand. Soon, you can have every single woman in Miami you want.

Jordan 500 Reloaded

By the way, even Johnny Bullet would be impressed with a body of another hot chick we want to introduce you. Be careful not to cum just by watching at her. Her name is Jordan, but she is also known as Jordan 500 which sounds a little like a whore name... Which is accurate. What do you think about sex game download for mobile? Jordan is a real bitch who makes any guy feel like he is in heaven. She loves to suck, do a hand job or share her naughty pussy with rich men. That's why she can make a great career in an adult porn entertainment or as an exclusive prostitute. On the other side, those sexy skills also make Jordan a perfect wife. So which path the girl should choose? Tell her, by playing this Lesson of Passion game.

Trip to Paradise

What do you see when you think about adventures. Would you like to be on a tropical island with a sexy girl you need to care about? You know, stereotypical adventures used to be associated with stuff like this. If you want to experience something similar, play Trip to Paradise life sex simulation. Actually, it's even better than the typical “island story”. In Trip to Paradise you visit a beautiful wild place - along with not one, but three hot girls. Which one you should fuck? Well, it's not a good question. The right question is: which one you should fuck first? If you play it well, you are able to screw all of them in a different locations on the island.

Hot Wife Story 2

Being on exotic vacation is great, but there are guys that can live really exciting life without going abroad. Richard is one of those guys. He is one lucky bastard! He has a lot of money, a nice house, a sexy nanny and an astonishingly beautiful wife who loves sex. You can play as Richard in Hot Wife Story 2 – an exciting sex game for Android that is everything but linear. A gamer can decide whether to fuck the hot wife or choose other chick. You can go to the clubs, meet different people and lead the action to a few very different endings. Realistic Lesson of Passion online game offers an entertaining plot and unexpected twists. Read more about Hot Wife Story 2 game here.

Hank Moody

Another RPG adventure you should definitely try is the one with Hank. That guy knows how to divorce with a smile… and a dick in some chick's mouth. Basically, that Lessons of Passion game online is an interactive porn in which you can fuck a lot of hot babes. However, it's not always as easy as in XXX movies. This is an adventure sim, and that's why you need to think a little bit sometimes before moving forward. As a player, you make decisions that affect the story. You can also control some details like positions during sex scenes. They happen quite often in every chapter of the Lesson of Passion GOLD game. So open your mind for a new experience, and lead Hank to the best pussies in town.

Living With Britney

Sometimes the biggest adventures start with a fail. This is exactly what happened to Josh, the main character in Glamour Living with Britney. Josh has lost his job, and he was not very eager on searching for another. That's why his sexy girl Britney decided to leave him in 30 days. That's the time you have to get the girl back. Find a job, earn some money and impress Britney to make her love you again. But don't worry... Glamour Living with Britney is not just a boring 3D sex game for Android about sex life and its difficulties. If you wait for boobs and pussies – you will get them. Just make some good decisions and you will get laid a lot.

Tori 500 - Dirty Business

You can also make some choices in Tori 500 by Lesson of Passion, the producer of sex games Android/PC/MAC, but those are very different kind of decisions. It's not about who to fuck, it's more like – what to do for five hundred bucks to satisfy the client. Before you call Tori a whore, you must know that she has been put into a very difficult situation. Local mafia wants her to pay some unfair debts. That's why Tori needs to earn money as quick and easy as possible. Selling her pussy is actually the best way to get out of troubles. On the other hand, she likes what she does. Just enjoy Tori's body and help her earn a lot of money in a real sex life.


Sometimes you need to put some effort in paying a debt. This time it's a family relationship that need to be repaired. In Sisters you will play as Sara - naughty hot chick that has done a stupid thing. She had recorded her sister having sex for the first time. What's even worse, the video has been stolen. So now you have a mission – get the video back and stop a thief from publishing it. To achieve the goal you will probably need to use Sara's sexy body. All in all it's the best argument to convince men to do anything. Sara really knows how to please a guy and makes him do everything for her. Find out the best strategy to get the sex recording back. It is a primary mission here! Learn more about sister porn game.


If you desire skillful women, you should also meet Sky. She is actually everything a man can dream of. Nice breast, sweet ass and a pussy that is always ready for fun. What's more, Sky is a really beautiful woman. She probably looks good in dresses as well as latex clothes. “Probably”, because you will mostly see her naked. In a fascinating adventure of Thorn-E by Lessons of Passion, you discover a dark world of fetish and dirty 3D sex games Android. The bad news is you don't know where this relationship can take you. But the good news is, you will have a lot of spicy sex with the hot girl. Thorn-E offers spicy sex with BDSM pleasure. You can try bondage fuck here, and tits milking. Put a rubber mask on and feel the perverse pleasure. Read more about ThronE games here.

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